Why not everything in English?

Mofei Zhu

I am so pleased that you are looking at this page.

In the past several years, I am trying my best to share my ideas and experience in Web Technical with my blog in Chinese. But As you may know, I was born in China, and have been living in this country for 29 years, so Chinese is my best choice. On the other hand, I keep learning English as possible as I can. There have several reasons to push me to keep learning English and the main reason I called it dream.

Back in my childhood, one day, my teacher asked us, what do you want to be in the future. Most of my classmates said something like teacher, doctor, policeman, etc. When it turned to me, I said, I want to be an explorer. Everyone laughed, and my deskmate whispered, do you have any standard idea, for example, a teacher or a doctor? I didn't reply, and I knew that was my original dream.

Twenty years later, I still keep this goal, and I hope that one day I can reach every part of this beautiful world by myself. I am going to enjoying, to feeling every cultural, make friend all over the world, share my experience with everyone. So I am trying my best to keep learning the most widespread language. In the meantime, I am trying to translate my articles from Chinese to English in https://hiMofei.com (The Chinese version is https://zhuwenlong.com). And it needs time to translate ALL the Chinese articles into English.

I am learning, and keep going, I desire to work well with this wonderful language, so if you find any mistake in word spill or grammar, please let me know.

Best wishes!

Mofei Zhu

HI 我是Mofei